My Bday, #Easter and other Texas Treasures

TXBoxSet-CoverDesign-mobilekindleHey fam.  I looked it up.  But my resources could be “inaccurate” .  Still, this is the first time that Easter has fallen on my bday, 4/5 in my lifetime, and apparently the first time since the 1800s.


So to kick off my bday month “right” and to celebrate, I have released the digital boxed set, Texas Treasures for pre-order.

Remember this special boxed set includes re-edited versions of “Countdown to a Kiss” , “Rescuing Mr. Wright”, the original TV pilot script from the 2005 short-run web series, a crossword puzzle, and a bonus story, in addition to web exclusive extras and a special contest.

Now…it sure would be a golden bday present, if the pre-orders for Texas Treasures light up Amazon’s Top 100 would sure be a great bday present.  (hint-hint).  LOL.

Anywho,  keep posted for more info!


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