Renee O’Connor is no longer Xena’s sidekick

Originally published on June 2010
Dallas Prime Time TV Examiner
Kandie Delley

Renee O’Connor is going Beyond the Farthest Star

Native Texan, Renee O’Connor, whom you Xena fans will remember as the feisty blonde sidekick Gabrielle, is co-starring with fellow Texan, Todd Terry in a film Written and Directed by Andrew Librizzi.

Renee portrays character Maureen Wells in the independent, faith-based film, “Beyond the Farthest Star”.  In the movie, Maureen is a spiritually embattled preacher’s wife with a deep family secret.

Also at the helm of this film is another Texas actor, Benjamin Dane, known for his roles in TV shows like Friday Night Lights and the recent, short-lived ABC series, The Deep End. Ben has extended his charm and good looks into Hollywood with additional roles in multi-award winning Echoes of Innocence, Sweet Hideaway, and Significant Other and now has stepped in the producer’s role with Beyond the Farthest Star.

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