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Reporting to Hawaii Five-O, actor Terry O’Quinn [formerly John Locke on TV series LOST]. He’s a good actor, but I’m puzzled by his entry as Lt. Commander Joe White on H50. For instance, he drops in out of nowhere and instantly sees the medal of honor and knows to whom it belongs to. This is something that no one on this brilliant task force has been able to ‘figure out’ but he waltzes in and has all the answers? Then whammo, Steve is out of jail and his task force reassigned all in ONE EPISODE!

SERIOUSLY? Are we gonna go there? Yeah, I was ‘hatin’ how this ‘wrapped up’, but I love the show so I will let it slide–this time.

Obviously, we know there’s a secret about McGarrett’s father’s affiliation with Wo Fat and the former governor. Maybe his father was crooked and LT. Joe White has all the details OR was part of the deception himself?

I think if LT. Joe White is crooked, then he double-crossed McGarrett’s father. It would be a TRIP if Agent Kaye was Lt. White’s daughter, both joining forces with Wo Fat to bring a serious can of whoop *** to our Five-O task force–all because of Steve’s father. If that happens, Lt. White will probably stay a recurring character until he’s ‘axed’. However, why would the producers and writers of the show, let the steam drizzle by killing off the actor of a former-top rated TV show?

Okay, okay. I’m on the deep end I know.

I’m a writer. So I come equipped with an ‘out there’ imagination. And since I put it out there, here’s my question to you #TeamH5O peeps: If you were a writer on the show, how would you spin the storyline between LT. Commander White, Wo Fat and Agent Kaye?

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