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I don’t know about you but each year seems to fly by a little faster than the last. Still, a New Year would not be a New Year without expectations and resolutions.

This may be a refresher for most. But for those of you who find yourself running the same cycle year after year. This is the year to shake things up a bit in your world.

The main thing is keep your focus on the big(ger) picture. Think of your long-term goal…write it down. Under each (step) you’ve written, write down a set of “mini-goals to accomplish that step. By breaking up your dreams into small tasks; you also get the chance to celebrate throughout the journey, versus spending years to complete something before you acknowledge the dedication it took to get there. Reward yourself (sensibly for each step you accomplish by deadline).

For some of you, maybe you’ve done the above but have veered off path. The important thing is to “acknowledge” it and forgive yourself. Then…push on.

Maybe some have been so rigid in your planning that there were no allowances for change or re-examination of the game plan?

In truth, the journey to pursuing your dreams doesn’t have to be riddled with stress, disappointment, or unattainable expectations. Managing your budget, creating a quality network and building on your skill set can bring resilience and self-awareness. These attributes can make your journey memorable, deliberate and purposeful. In the end, not only will you find personal success, but you’ll most likely be an inspiration to someone else.

When you bring in the New Year with realistic expectations, then you’ll see success unfolding in front you. It might now look the way you imagined, but if you take it for what it is, a small step in the right direction, you’ll find things coming together in a way that offers flexibility and humility.

So make this the year to…start that business you’ve wanted to start but allowed other obligations to delay…year after year after year.

Make this the year to…revise your business plan, or strategy, or digital branding so that you can update your marketing plan and try something fresh.

Make this the year to…travel someplace you’ve never been, and document or record that journey. And…be bold enough to show it to the world.

Make this the year to…connect…organically with those around you. Learn who’s truly in your circle that’s “for you”. And recycle the knowledge and spiritual wealth you’ve gained.

But most of all, make this the year that you take care of you. There are too many people becoming ill due to manipulations of stress on their bodies. Too many people hiding depression. Too many people “settling” instead of embracing their worth.

So celebrate who you are, what you’ve become, and the roads that you’ve traveled to get where you are. Because you matter. You have made a difference and continue to make change in the lives of others, whether you believe it or not.

Have a blessed year.

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