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Hey peeps, this is my first “official” on-screen (non-speaking) role in an episode of Walker Texas Ranger back in 2000. The episode was “Avenging Angel”. If you blink you’ll miss me. I’m wearing the green business suit in the customer line. As you will see this is a very short role. But I was “featured” due to the close up. And this led to other roles in indie films and local commercials.

WTR Bank Scene

How this all went down…

I remember that day on set was exciting. Initially I was supposed to be an extra, then the A.D. came up to me and was like, “Do you want a close up?”


Oddly, I hadn’t acquired an agent at that time and was traveling all over the state of Texas, attending workshops, networking, and casting calls to pursue the dream. This is before social media became the craze, so everything about pursuing your career was manual. Printing copies of your headshot, resumes, snail mailing them off to casting directors and agents waiting weeks, even months. Physically attending auditions versus emailing clips and links. And demo reels on VHS!!!! CRAZY HUH. As I come across more archives I’ll post!

Back on the grind but taking a new twist in my film career. So stay tuned!

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