IMG_0048Canadian Vacay 2015

I love walking along a beach, (preferably the Pacific Coastline), but also enjoy mountain ranges and West Canada provided a good deal of both.  We flew into Seattle then took a bus (since we were unable to catch the train in time) across the border.  When we arrived at our hotel we had a great view of the skyline and was within walking distance of the lower seawall and harbor, as well as a variety of restaurants. A movie filmed down the street.  Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the movie, but camera trucks, blocked streets, and other production equipment dotted the main street.

My aunt and I ATE and walked at least eight miles a day. Took the trolley around the city, through the famed Stanley Park, China Town, and then Granville Island.  We did the trolley again a second day to drop us off at the mall and then took the ferry.  We also visited North and West Vancouver.   Seriously, people walk all over creation there and the skyscrapers were redonkulus!

Honestly, if the real estate wasn’t so high, I wouldn’t mind living there for a spell. Most of the people were friendly.  Some of the nicer areas have homes (minimum 3 million dollars). Sure that’s Canadian dollars, so U.S.D would be about 2.3 million. STILL! that’s cray cray!

Here are more pics from Canada.

My next (big) trip (hopefully) will be somewhere in the South Pacific. Until then I’m revisiting some scenic Texas Treasures.  Find out more in the upcoming digital boxed set release of Texas Treasures!

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