Single me, financially ready

The media hype surrounding unmarried, career-focused women in their thirties isn’t always fabulous. Normally they are portrayed as desperate or baggage-carrying spinsters seeking “Mr. Right”.  Although strides are made every year to increase pay for women and advance women in leadership roles, there is still a damaging mindset about women in business and relationships.

For some, the ‘single’ status is a ‘weird’ place to be and for others, it’s the only place to be. Regardless of where you imagined yourself by your thirties ‘romantically’, your single status is a GREAT opportunity to get financially READY!

The single years is a time to take advantage of your pursuit in other things such as outdoor activities, travel, education and business goals, and regenerating formidable affinity groups. In fact, it’s a time to consider buying a home.

Being single and financially ready for the great things life can and will bring your way is not only responsible, it’s also something that will attract the ideal mate.  And for those women, who are still focused on the “Mr. Right” angle of single hood, ask yourself, “Are you a complement or representation of the man you’d like to meet?”

If not, take this time to become the woman you want to be and become a bigger blessing to that special man when he finds you!

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