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I remember feeling fluid as if I was in a weightless chamber. Then my body tilted.  The ground rumbled and alarms went off. Pictures crashed to the floor.  The next thing I know my brother is yelling, “Earthquake”.

On a little naval base off the coast of California, we felt the Northridge Quake of ’94, and the aftershocks that followed.

As you can see, 1994 started off pretty other-worldly for me.  Not only did we experience one of the largest seismic activities in U.S. history, but my budding dance career ended after a car accident a month later.

1994 was also the year I fell in love and had my first “romance”.

Just enough “shake” in my world to alter my path.  Make different decisions. Choose a different path.

Now it’s 2017, and it’s time to reinvent and manifest a few things.  My website will be undergoing a major overhaul to correlate with some decisions and good news that’s come my way.

Watch for a summer re-launch and some “major news”.

P.S. I just read where a 4.9 earthquake hit Kualapu’u, Hawaii a few days ago. And less than ten hours ago, one shook Loma Linda,   No, I’m not a seismologist, but I do have a fascination about geology overall, especially oceanic crusts.

But the reason I bring up Kualapu’u is because I was there October 2015.   This just goes to show that timing is a big factor in what people perceive as luck. And sometimes you can’t wait for it. you just have to act. Sometimes you have to shake things up to turn decisions and timing into opportunity.

I hope you’re reading between the lines.  😉

Until the next post, Stay Lit.


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