In about 4 weeks…

I’ll be on my way to Maui for the first time.


I wonder if I’ll get to see the filming of a  “Hawaii Five-0” action scene, as I plan to visit more than one island while I’m there.  Overall, I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue doing things that I’ve never done before.

At 42…

with my schedule and obligations…that isn’t always something that’s easy to do.

2015 Repositioning

Most of 2015 has been a surge of LLE adventures.

  • First the trip to Canada
  • First short film production.
  • First full-length novel

All that I can say is, God is able.  

I’m looking forward to doing more firsts, and completing my bucket list.

Anywho, more on that here>>The Courage to Just Do It<< .

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