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12072797_10208345213134917_948872857135145576_nKandie Delley is the Amazon Kindle bestselling author of “Curtains: The Collective Works” and contemporary rom-com, “Countdown to a Kiss”.  She was born in North Texas, bounced around between the Pacific Northwest and the Mojave Desert, graduating from Texas A&M University and has worked in global trade services, advertising, and graphic design.  Most recently she wrote, produced, and directed her first short film and working on her next novel and feature screenplay.


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Long Bio :

As a fan of Star Wars, X-Men comics and Saturday morning Kung Fu Theater, Kandie Delley already had a love for sci-fi and action-adventure.  However, she didn’t discover her love for high fantasy and dystopian until eighth grade when she visited her school library and checked out the Elfstones of Shannara by best-selling author, Terry Brooks.

Since then she’s been on a mission to explore action and fantasy with her strong female protagonists and their adventures.

Kandie lives in North Texas, with her diva-minded dog, Starr, and a brood of nieces and nephews whom she affectionately calls her “Crumbnatchers”.  In her spare time, Kandie strives toward completing her business degree and uses her leisure time as a photographer, graphic designer, and travel journalist.  Her corporate resume includes international treasury management, creative consulting, and advertising accounting, which she’s excited to use in her film development pursuits.

She is the author of contemporary action-fantasy, Doomsday League.  Her recent book releases are the Texas Treasures romance collection, which includes two Amazon Kindle Top 100 best sellers, “Countdown to a Kiss” and “Rescuing Mr. Wright” and the paranormal suspense collection, “Tempestuous Tales”.

Her short films, “A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane” and Parker Meadows H.O.A are in pre-production.


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