Writer- Indie Film Producer

Well hello there!

You’ll have to excuse my little spot on the web. It’s been a crazy two years. Family trials, tribs, growth, and stories. So my spot is jacked up right now. LOL So as you move around, don’t clown me about my housekeeping.  I’ll get to jazzin’ the place up as soon as if finish Pitch Wars. What’s that you ask? Well you’d have to take the “blue pill” to find out. Are you ready? >>> Pitch Wars Journey

Now to the “formal” info:

Kandie Delley  is a writer, filmmaker, and graphic designer. She has a twenty-year cash management background including international treasury management and advertising accounting. Her corporate and creative backgrounds allow for divergent solutions in small business marketing and consulting.

In 2014, she wrote, produced, directed and edited a Doritos commercial, “Doritos Spice Squad” for the Crash the Superbowl contest and a year later, wrote, produced, and directed short film, A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane that was submitted to 2018-2019 festival circuit.  c

Since then she’s written and produced four additional short script-to-screen projects and working on revisions of third novel.

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