The main character Peter, [portrayed by Jason Segal], is a TV/film composer who’s relationship with famed actress Sarah Marshall [Kristen  Bell of  NBC’s The Good Place] comes to a halt.

To forget his woes he tries everything from crying to sleeping with random women until he finally decides to go on a vacation to Hawaii.  He believes he’ll have a relaxing time until he learns that his ex is at the same resort with her ‘new man’.  He befriends the hotel concierge Rachel [Mila Kunis] and embarks on a weeks journey of sorting through his emotions and rebuilding.

What I liked about the Movie:

The overall concept was good and the beautiful scenes of Hawaii [IF THAT WAS HAWAII] you never know these days.  The lead actor, Jason Segal, who also wrote the film, reminds me of a ‘Judge Reinhold’ type.  I adored Judge in the 48 hours movie franchise with Eddie Murphy, so I tried to be open to ‘Jason’s’ movie/ acting. He portrays a likable character but overly sensitive for a guy.  There were some laughs in there and it kept me occupied enough to care about the ending.

What I didn’t like about the movie:

They could have done more with the storyline.  It just shows that if you know the right people you can get pretty much anything a greenlight.  This movie reminds me of all the movies involving Seth Rogan, with the exception of Pineapple Express (loved it) and Superbad [above average humor], I’m not a big-time Seth Rogan fan, therefore, since F.S.M is similar to Seth’s movie, I’m not crazy about it either.

This movie had okay points but Jason Segal just loves to show his family jewels throughout the film.  YES, you read it correctly.  RAW, NO shame in his game.  He bares all, gives the full monty a handful of times.  After too many flashes of too bland flesh, I can only surmise his full nudity was real [can anyone confirm that?].

Now, if he was some serious eye-candy, then that would actually be a treat. I bought this movie as part of the 4 movies for $20 at Blockbuster’s going out of biz sale so…

My rating:  I would say sneak your food in, but it’s no longer at theaters and I watched it on DVD.  If you liked the movie ‘Knocked Up’, you may like this.  Needless to say I didn’t like ‘Knocked Up’ either.

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