Available feature scripts

Second Chance Eve

 (Family/Holiday Dramedy) — College student, Evergreen “Eve” Sinclair has once chance before midnight to ‘relive” a hurtful breakup to learn the truth about her ex and make a life-changing decision.

A Love/Hate Situation

College student, and reformed high school bully, Josie Bray, is finally moving off campus into her own apartment with her childhood BFF, but when her friend falls in love after a crazy night in Las Vegas and elopes, leaving her footing the bill, she’s forced to room with the girl she tormented in high school.


A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane

(Family Drama) As co-founder and co-partner of McKinney & Wells Marketing, Sarah Jane McKinney has done every foul deed in order to get her company off the ground and secure its clients, even siphoning projects from her business partner, Mark Wells.

Diabolical Weekend

(Thriller/Suspense) A sibling duo spends a weekend resting at a friend’s vacant rental house during a cross-country road trip and end up fighting for their lives when a house squatting, psychotic killer returns.

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