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Over the years, Youtube’s platform for content creation, (streaming videos) has enabled creators to contribute and earn supplemental income from their original content.

Although Instagram, Periscope, Vine and now Snapchat have implemented similar services, most didn’t allow the length or options available to creators that Youtube provided, nor the revenue stream from creators and affiliates.

***Notice that I didn’t add Vimeo in this category.  As a filmmaker, I always considered Vimeo’s video sharing/streaming in a different “category” service than the other options.  I use Vimeo for professional products, micro films, and e-courses.  And although I can use the other platforms for the same, Vimeo has a different energy about it.

Anywho…back to the topic at hand…

Facebook and Twitter also allowed video content but neither appeared “stable” enough for the streaming content creators needed.

But looks like times are a’changing.

Not only has Facebook’s video sharing allowed for “viral” explosions over the past few months, now Twitter allows revenue sharing with individual creators.

Video is clearly the way to go for earning revenue in this next chapter for e-commerce.

Here’s more info about that Twitter update on video content and revenue sharing 

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