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Part of running a company, (and you my dear talented one, are a “business”) is knowing your vision.  As performing and literary artists, sometimes we forget that we are a mobile company, always connecting with others, providing and outsourcing services.  Yet, the financial, administrative, and self-marketing areas of our businesses suffer because most are not aware that they are a functioning business.

Once you have your vision, then you will need to understand how to acquire the resources needed to bring that “vision” into fruition.

This is what I call Vision:Management.

After all, most anyone can learn to become a musician, actress, writer, or operate a company. However, it takes dedication, self-management and behavior modification, as well as tenacity to stay on the track of starting and attaining your vision.

The entertainment industry is hard.  In fact, it is, (and probably never was) a business strictly based on talent.  It’s about believing in your vision, setting forth the tasks to attaining it, networking, and being open for opportunity.  This journey can be long, and arduous.  But with the right team beside you, anything is possible.  But first, it’s about managing your vision, not just your talent!

In the bible, the book of Habukkuk 2:2, the Lord says,

“Write the Vision, make it plain”.

Having a vision board, or creating a mind map of your vision is JUST the beginning of your journey to greatness!

I have streamlined a small business e-course that helps you focus on vision management, in order to develop newgroundbreaking talent for your company or project.



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