I had bigger expectations for X-Factor, or after last night’s mortifying display of the Full Monty from a guy wearing only his crusty birthday suit, the XXX-Factor. Yepper folks. This dude, landed on stage to assail onlookers by his off-beat gyrations and loud crowing. I won’t even say that person’s name, as I’m sure he’s getting plenty of publicity as it is. Someone should have yanked his narrow behind off that stage the minute his pants dropped.

Sadly, some audience members had to grab their younguns and exit stage right, left, shoot, they probably had to disintegrate into nothing,–whatever to escape those dastardly unpleasantries. Bottom line? They just had to get the heck out of dodge. And Paula. Really Paula? I can understand being so offended that she had to walk away, but did she really, truly, vomit at the sight of Mr. Full Monty? Talk about overly dramatic. Simon looked at her sideways with a can of “all kinds of ‘crazy’”.

I sincerely hope that more ‘gags’ like this don’t ruin the show. Anywho, the X-Factor stars Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger [yes I copy and pasted NIcole’s last name because I always jack it up}. 😉 . It airs on Fox, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 7pm C.S.T.

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