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Sjane-miniposter-jan2016The main cast for short-film, “A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane”.

Michelle Mays – as “Sarah Jane” 
Advait Ghuge – as “Mark Wells” 
Tisha Renae – as “Elizabeth McKinney”
Rob Nsane – as “Michael Shephred”
Aurora Settles- Sarah Jane’s Office Assistant


To the right is the mock poster.  

I designed this in the early stages of the pre-production last year as “motivation” and to grasp an idea of what I wanted in the final poster design.  Doesn’t this cast look fierce?  So you can imagine what their performances are like.

Da Bomb Diggity!

That’s a little ’90s slang for you Millennials who don’t know any better. LOL.

As co-writers of the script, Shelia and I (Kandie) agree, that it’s so surreal to see how actors bring your words to life.

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