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 Why you need this e-course.

As a relationship manager in the banking industry and as a collections specialist for a media company, I ran across many dissolved businesses and partnerships that went sour.  Neither had the right business set up or partnership agreement to handle such an instance.  In addition, most of the small businesses I ran across didn’t have a functioning “organizational workflow” that reduced their time or aided in their customer service.  

If you’re starting your first business venture, or have already established your company and need a refresher on small business set up, operations, admin workflow, and state certification, then you need to know the right way to launch your business.  What type of business should you start?  Do you need a trademark?  What’s an intent to use?  

Business owners in today’s globalized marketplace have to wade through the choppy waters of aggressive, multi-streamed and technologically-advanced competition.

 You must strategically plan for success.

As a published fiction and creative non-fiction author, entrepreneur, marketing strategist, designer, and filmmaker, I know the tools, resources, and outlets to operate multiple businesses.

This is why I’ve created Getting Started on the Web e-course. 

Let me help you navigate the 21st Century information superhighway and strut across the finish line of success.  

Price Chart:

$250.00 (1-on-1 e-coaching + eBook + paperback + mp3 mobile + materials)

contact info(at) for more information or if you’re ready just click the purchase link!

Product Description

An on demand e-course to help you navigate the information superhighway



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