For those of you who didn’t see the season premiere Hawaii Five-O episode last night–you may want to catch up online before reading. For the rest of you…here goes…

Agent Kaye is down with Wo Fat. Yepper– from the moment that short-haired brunette appeared on my fave show, Hawaii Five-O, I knew she was up to no good. Actually, to add a little Texan lingo in there, ‘She did the fool’.

It was so painfully obvious and I fault the writers on that.

Nobody believed a ‘sistah’ (ME) but now I get to say, fo’ shame on all you disbelievers!

Let’s be real, the writers of the show had to add that twist to the story for the cliffhanger and to drive us into this season. Besides, how else could Wo Fat always be three steps ahead of the dynamic task force?

Agent Jenna Kaye [Larisa Oleynik] –oh you elven-lookin’, boyish and innocent-acting deceiver, was too much of the contrast to a scorned woman on the hunt to avenge her love. Not to mention she arrived to the tropical island around the same time as Wo Fat.

Come on people, get a clue.

Anywho, what do you feel is Agent Kaye’s REAL connection/agenda with Wo Fat?

TRIVIA: What multiple Emmy awarded TV show, starring Jon Hamm, did Larisa Oleynik star in?

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