.the demo//2003

“Get Behind the Curtains” soundtrack, formerly “Quiet Tyme”, is companion to the printed songbook, “Curtains: The Collective Works”. All songs written and produced by Kandie Delley. Music by Valenti.

.the story

Although my ultimate desire is to have a film career, I used different paths to acquire it from book publishing, on-camera talent, voice imaging talent, dance, graphic design, and music production.  Thoughout all those transitions and experience, I wrote free-verse and songs and turned that into a music demo collaboration that I wrote and produced. The demo recording lasted from 1993-2003, and was a tool that taught me business management and  the fundamentals of producing.   Six years after, in 2009, I self-published a book of poetry, “Curtains: The Collective Works” which featured the songs on the demo.

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