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Sjane-miniposter-jan2016I might need some help with the final movie poster for  For now I am working on the poster concepts and mock designs based on cast head shots submitted for auditions.   This is the first mock concept (to the left). You’ll see it quite a bit over the next few months as I work on other concepts.

I thought some comic book and chiller fonts would work well for the typography of the movie title and of course colors in the font title to make certain areas pop.  If you look closely you’ll see a “blood heart” just above the letter J. This is subliminal of  course for the “darker side” of Sarah Jane.  😉

Pretty excited about it but I have more concepts in my head and as we get on set, get set photos and updated cast photo shoots I’ll be able to finalize the right poster to use while submitting film to festivals.

Keep posted…

For other samples of my design work visit my online design studio,  “KanDel Media”.  


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