Part one: Pulling Off Big Stunts

(Graphics by Kandie Delley for  KanDel Media)

Having one or two specialized skills is more than enough to create a productive and successful film career —if you are persistent and dedicated. However, when you are a jack of many talents like Ilram Choi, the world is your oyster.

From his jaw-dropping, wickedly insane acrobatic stunts and heart-pounding martial arts skills, to his multi-hyphenate roles behind the scenes, it is obvious that blockbuster movie stuntman, Ilram Choi, does not plan to leave his timely yet well-deserved perch in Hollywood anytime soon.

As a toddler, he commenced martial arts training at a Korean community church in Washington D.C., eventually training at an accredited Tae Kwon Do institute. By twelve, after watching his father do a front hand spring in the front yard, he taught himself gymnastics and has been fascinated with challenging the gravitational pull that seems to keep most of us grounded.

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