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Tara Chadwick and Wendy Woody of 55 Mile EntertainmentIf you enjoyed the robust, flighty, kick-butt action and alleged romance of Xena and her trusty blond sidekick Gabrielle from the cult TV classic XENA: Warrior Princessstarring Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor—then you will enjoy God Complex: Artemis. The feature (in production) is an action-adventure comedy that brings a new twist in the tale of theGreek gods.

Ausxip / Ross Olmos

About the movie:
Casey opens an ancient artifact given to her by a mysterious woman and is tossed into a world of extraordinary power, vengeful queens, and some not-so-godlike new neighbors. Will the combination of otherworldly powers and earthly emotions prove too much to handle to gain free rent?

Based on the trailer, the comedic timing and synergy between the cast and crew of God Complex: Artemis is seamless. It has a touch of…well you know…it has uh…gee wiz, it’s pretty hard to explain. Your best bet is to take a gander at the trailer>>RIGHT HERE<

With engaging and snappy dialogue, the well-produced indie created by Wendy Wood and Tara Chadwick will definitely engage you in their diabolical world of supernaturally charged tenants of the God Complex (a.k.a modern day Parthenonlocated in Los Angeles).

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