My name is Kandie Delley and I’m the author/creator of Doomsday League: Beginnings.

Doomsday League: Beginnings is novella which introduces the main characters of the story on the night when an event brings them together for the first time.

Many moons ago, I came up with a story entitled Gate Guardian (which I’m still finalizing today).  Since Gate Guardian requires a ton of research because of some historical factors, I had decided to write short stories about other superhero teens. That’s when I wrote “Initiation of the Denati Traveler”, about a young teleporter searching for her mother.

Soon after that, three more unpublished short stories evolved: Mimic the Rayne, The Graduate of High Sanctuary and Vamp Rules. I especially liked Vamp Rules because it reflected my special “spin” on vampire folklore.  Make sure you pay close attention to Sepia Moonblood’s chapter, Vamp Rules, in Doomsday League to learn more about that.

I was on the path to writing another short story about a time traveler named Archemedes when the idea came to me to bring these characters together in a graphic novella. It was like a light bulb had gone off and I was increasingly enthusiastic about creating this superhero universe to share.

I have enjoyed fantasy fiction ever since my first trip to the Drive-In to see Star Wars. (Yes, I said Drive-In ;-). But it wasn’t until I flipped the first page of Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks that I knew I had to dig deeper into fantasy, dystopian and paranormal fiction. In addition to that, I grew up reading and collecting comics such as X-Men, The Mutants and Alpha Flight. As you can tell, I’m predominantly a Marvel’s girl, and support Marvel stories on the big screen fanatically. Although, if it’s action and adventure I’m usually going to check it out.

The point is, as a young writer I envisioned myself writing comics and movies starring superheroes or ordinary women, doing extraordinary things. As a woman of color, writing fantasy fiction, I wanted to see more diverse characters in these publishing genres and movies and set out to contribute to that dream.

Besides, like Toni Morrison had said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

Doomsday League is that book for me.

So it seemed that the natural course of things would be to publish my own graphic novella. Although the concept of a group of powerful teens saving the world was nothing new, I felt that my spin on it was different than anything I’d read or seen before.

While I searched for collaborators on the graphic novella, I revised the plot of Doomsday League, brought in more characters like Maven, Hudson and Corrigan and released other paranormal short stories and novellas such as, “Vanishing at Mountain Creek” and “The Trip Back Home” to strengthen my storytelling platform in these genres.

By the end of 2014, after several years of research and false starts, I halted the graphic novella journey and commenced writing the eBook adaptation. The main thing in my heart was to tell the story of these extraordinary teens, regardless of the publishing platform or medium.

Doomsday League is an intricate story with various sub-plots and backstories for each character that would take more than one book to delve into. However, to start the journey, I wrote this novella to introduce readers to my superhero world, hence the tagline “Beginnings”.

In order to continue this journey, I need your support which means telling a friend or two and leaving an honest review. Giving feedback also helps me grow as a writer and storyteller.

Thanks for your time and purchase.

And remember, “Whatever you will it, so shall it be.”