Beyond the farthest star with Benjamin Dane

Actor and producer, Benjamin Dane is a native Texan who has extended his reach into Hollywood with roles in films like multi-award winning Echoes of Innocence, Sweet Hideaway, Significant Other and TV roles like Friday Night Lights.

Now Ben has set his sights on exploring the universe with his newest film, Beyond the Farthest Star, in which he produced and co-stars along with Renee O’Connor, whom you Xena fans will remember as Gabrielle. Written and Directed by Andrew Librizzi, this movie is definitely set for greatness.

Not only is this movie soul-stirring and life changing its overall production and editing engages you deeper into the character driven roles of a father and his family and the choice between life and redemption.

Beyond the Farthest Star has also been adapted into a novel by best selling Christian fiction authors Bodie and Brock Thoene. This is
just the beginning of the message and influence of the movie.

Benjamin also runs a successful bi-coastal marketing agency, Robinson Creative with his family. Since this article was originally published Oct 2012, the movie Beyond the Farthest Star has evolved on the independent circuit. For more information and to support Benjamin, Renee, Andrew and the rest of the cast and crew, be sure to check out the their site and clicking the ‘Demand it’ button.

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