If Britney Spears ever lost her voice during a performance, Ariana could easily step in until Brit Brit got her “vocals” in check.  And her impersonation of Christina Aguilera was pretty good, but as much as some people have a love/hate relationship with the diva songbird, Xtina, not too many singers in this Gen Y and New Millennial generation could hold a candle to her in my book.

Although Ariana did very well.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Then check out Time Magazine’s online briefing on >>Ariana Grande Wheel of Musical Impressions<< on Jimmy Fallon.

My favorite impersonation that Ariana did was Celine Dion.  Only because Jimmy joined in at the end and it was just funny.

Jimmy’s,  Celebrity Wheel of Musical Impersonations along with Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” are some creative, interactive ways to connect celebrities to their audiences and they are hilarious.

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