Texas Treasures Boxed Set


COMING 2017 

2ND EDITION eBook boxed set


Light romantic comedies.

From best friends to lovers, frenemies to wedded bliss and a Las Vegas one-night stand that won’t go away, Genny and her gal pals navigate the North Texas dating scene, dipping and dodging the comical setbacks in obtaining successful and fulfilling relationships in a digital era.

“Texas Treasures” is a collection of light romantic comedies intertwining the lives of couples and friends who grapple with love and commitment.

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Redesigned Individual Covers for 2017 

Stories featured in the collection::




COUNTDOWN TO A KISS (novella)  (BUY the single eBook) 
Genny Cass and Jackson Rhames are best friends since junior high. After Jackson’s return to Dallas they spend the holidays reminiscing about the good ol’ days which lead to a chain of comical events until one unexpected New Year’s changes their lives forever.

Erica “Sunny” Carlisle meets filmmaker Jaden Wright (a man she’d love to hate) on the side of the highway after a therapeutic retreat in Central Texas. But when a writing opportunity brings them together again, a Battle Royale of the words ensues until a night of passion leaves them speechless.

A SURE THING  (novella )
In the 3rd installment of the Texas Treasures Series, Lauren Santiago is a feisty real estate agent with soulful voice. She’s also the comic relief in her group of friends. “A Sure Thing” updates readers on characters from the first and second installments and reunites Lauren with her ex, Kareem Carson Davis, but is she ready to put the past behind, and make their love a sure thing?


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