Tempestuous Tales



  1. Feelin' Good

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All, scary stories require a “snuggle” buddy.  


Book trailer created by: Su Halfwerk of Novel Prevue


Short stories included in anthology:  Vanishing at Mountain Creek,  Flickering Candles, Trip Back Home

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Your Wish is Granted…Or is it?

Stalked by an unseen but deadly force, Delphi Connors becomes another “Vanishing at Mountain Creek” and in “Flickering Candles”, Casey Smith learns the horrific truth about her husband’s past life in the attic.

But when Tracie Brown takes an unexpected “Trip Back Home”, an ancient talisman comes into her possession that intertwines the fate of each woman and forces her to make a decision that will change their lives forever.


“The last scene really got to me in ways I can’t explain. There’s hope, fear, disappointment, and a bit of desperation. How can you hate someone who did and meant good? Well, I faced that dilemma right at the end and I’m still carrying it with me. The best and strongest ending possible for this book!”  ~ Su Halfwerk, Author of Hellbound.

Album Reviews

"Tempestuous Tales is a delightful mix of suspense, thriller, and romance. I wished it never finished."

"I loved the way the author played on those 3 urban legends/stories and formed them to tell current stories, with current and real problems, yielding them to suit current times."

"I enjoyed how the author entwined these thrilling stories so that they flowed into each other. I would highly recommend this book...and, oh yeah, there's a cliffhanger!"

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