Getting Started on the Web for Writers



Listen to this 90-second message and then scroll down to create an opportunity to earn a five-figure income from your writing.

Why you need this webinar…

A writer in today’s globalized marketplace has to wade through the choppy waters of aggressive, multi-streamed and technologically-advanced competition.

 You must strategically plan for success.

As a published fiction and creative non-fiction author, entrepreneur, marketing strategist, designer, and filmmaker, I know the tools, resources, and outlets to self-publish while trying to operate multiple businesses.

This is why I’ve created Getting Started on the Web webinar.  

GSOTW, as I like to call it, is one of 4 modules (courses) in my 5-Figure Writer program.

Let me help you navigate the 21st Century information superhighway and strut across the finish line of success.  

Price Chart:

$250.00 (webinar + eBook + mp3 combo pack + materials)

$69.99 (eBook or paperback + MP3 combo pack )  

$79.99 (eBook + CD combo pack)

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5Figure-writer-mockCvr1About the  5-Figure Writer program

The 5-Figure Writer (series) comprises of 4 modules:You can make five (5) figures from your talent.

  • 1st Draft to Final Draft
  • Getting Started on the Web for Writers
  • Design Your Income
  • Unlocking amazon

Each module has an in-depth view, specializing in different areas of obtaining the 5-figure dream.

I chose 5-figure Writer as the title of the series because 5-figures is obtainable no matter who you are or your background.

You may not have the same results within the same timeframe, however, if you are determined, gifted, driven, and adaptable, you will earn a 5-figure income from your talent.

This is a bold statement.

I say it because I believe it.  I’ve done it!

So…let’s do it.

Other modules in the 5-figure Writer Program coming soon:



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