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By now you know that Doomsday League: Beginnings is available for download now!

I’m riddled with (good) nerves about the release of Doomsday League. This isn’t merely about my first published work in the contemporary fantasy/young adult arenas.  It’s also a childhood dream coming to fruition.

God is good!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to publish a work about a strong, courageous, butt-kicking woman of color. I have that with Ember Dawn, the leader of Doomsday League. I’ve also wanted to publish a young adult story and Doomsday serves it up.

Doomsday League’s success is all up to you, the reader, My Cyber Fam to help spread the word. So, I’m having a promo train, including 8 wonderful milestone tiers. Each milestone that’s reached, a bigger prize giveaway awaits.

There’s approximately $1,000 in prizes awaiting. So tell a friend or ten because the sooner we reach each milestone, the sooner we get to the GRAND FINALE prize! .

So, let’s kick this baby off right.

I know we can do this peeps. So download a copy or two and share this link so that someone else can join in the fun.  72 hours after 50 hard downloads reached, a winner will be chosen with a pretty cool gift!






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