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So here’s the deal.

You’ve already met team leader, Ember Dawn.  Now it’s time to get a little 411 on the next member of Doomsday League, Eva Rayne.

I created Eva Rayne back in 2009 before I created Ember.  Eva was going to have her own story.  I also had a tight title for her eBook, that I won’t give away just yet, because hey…I might just use it for something else.  Anywho.  It was never the right time to represent Eva, and then overtime, Eva was put to the back burner.

Along comes, Ember Dawn, and well…slowly, over the last two years, I started integrating the story lines.  Besides, Eva wants her story told.  As a Doomsday recruit, she brings alot to the table.

I mean Ember is pretty cold-blooded, so what the heck can Eva do?

Powers: Eva Rayne
Relic assignment:  Staff of Uelewa
  1. Empath
  2. Aura Construction

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