I’m trippin’  

In a good way.

Come January 2016, some  *ish* is about to go down.

In a big way.

You see… One of my favorite books, by one of my favorite authors, is has finally been adapted into a production.  Granted, I’ve wanted to at least see, Elfstone’s of Shannara on the big screen since 1992, however,  I will take the small screen.  I mean, this should have been done a long time ago.

That’s not all.

The show is in production in New Zealand, the ultimate epic-fantasy setting, where of course the LOTR trilogy and HObbit were filmed.  Over the years, I was sort of bummed that a deal hadn’t been made, but now mixing modern technology and new filmmaking techniques, with practical sets, I believe this was the right time for the story to shine.

Then the level of experienced and proven talent behind the scenes, Jon Favreau, Miles Millar,and Alfred Gough among others is amazing. You know, what would really set this off is if K/O Paper Products, contributed to a few episodes.

The only thing I’m still questioning is choosing Manu Bennett for Allanon.  I mean I like Manu in Spartacus,  but I guess in my mind I saw Allanon differently.  Hopefully Manu will prove me wrong.

Austin Butler as Wil Ohmsford looks like a match.  I’m not familiar with the actor before now, however, his look isn’t too far off what I thought Wil would look like. Only maybe I saw strawberry blonde or darker hair, shorter and curlier. Don’t know why.

Overall, it would be interesting to finally get a visual of what Terry had in his mind when he created this Dystopian world, compared to what I envisioned all these years.

This is just the right time to tell his type of story because there’s nothing like it on TV and when the show is successful maybe we can finally get a feature production.  In addition, television is attracting iconic producers who bring that cinematic “look” to broadcast programming.  Also, finally, television has returned to “scripted” shows.  Scripted shows have always been in the mix, however, there was a reality craze for a while that didn’t seem natural.  I’m not knocking reality, I’m just saying, as a fiction writer, it would be nice to see more character arcs, character development, and and deep P.O.V!

Terry Brooks and Shannara deserve their day on the big screen and I’ve been a fan of his since grade school, and for you younguns that isn’t saying much, but when I tell you it’s a been a long time coming, you’ll know this #geek is loving every second of what’s to come.

And maybe this is 360 for me, because I’m also releasing my first contemporary action-fantasy novella, “Doomsday League”.  So Terry finally gets to the screen and I finally get to fantasy!

I’m looking forward to this journey and the updates on Shannara!

Here’s the first look trailer

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