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Writer/Producer/Director/Graphic Designer

At 42, I’m living proof that God doesn’t have a time limit on your dreams.

The heart of the film

Getting Sarah Jane from script to screen has been nearly a 10-year journey. The vision for the film is shared by our filmmakers, cast, crew, and supporters.

About the Film

ADITLO Sarah Jane, is more than a gritty, story of redemption, it has a core message about how we react to others and how we treat the people around us.  Sometimes these actions embody a trickle effect beyond our immediate circles.

Intertwined in that message is a story about a young  and greedy marketing executive who will do nearly anything to get what she wants, even betray her loved ones, causing her to go on an unexpected journey to redemption that will change her life… forever.


Distribution: Festival Circuit/ Web


Directed by:  Kandie Delley

Story: K. Delley

Screenplay: K. Delley & S. Goss

Director of Photography A. Thomas













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