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So, here’s the image of the protagonist of my eBook, Doomsday League

Ember Dawn

She’s everything that I had envisioned this character to be:  a kick-ass diva, with a vulnerable side.

Who wouldn’t have that inner conflict when the weight of the world rests on a shoulder or two?

BUT, her beginnings weren’t so… shall we say… noble.  😉

My niece Ke’Anda, is the face of Ember Dawn, leader of the Doomsday League, and she’s so excited to represent an African American woman who has Ember’s character arc, gifts, and leadership.  Just like actress/ film producer Reese Witherspoon suggested when she created Pacific Standard Films, I think we need to have more roles in books, television, and film, with strong female protagonists, at the center, especially, women of color. Reese has produced some pretty cool films under the defunct, Type A, and currently through Pacific such as the movie Wild.  She’s one of the women in the industry that I admire for her acting and producing skills.

Another filmmaker that I’d love to meet is Nancy Meyers.  I cannot begin to talk about her w/out making this blog post part of a series.  Just know, that many of your favorite films, with strong women at the helm, were probably written, directed or produced by her.

So Ember is my nod to those creative women who are herding Hollywood into a femme fatale era.  Ember Dawn is just the tip of the iceberg of action and adventure-romance stories that I have lined up.

As we get closer to the release date, I’ll talk more about the characters of Doomsday, the cover design process, and the written journey to. I’m serious you guys.  I have written novellas and published them, and I’m happy about my previous releases, but Doomsday is a fragment of the type of stories I’ve been wanting to tell since childhood.

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Until then, check out these >>cool, summer reads << to tide you over.

Stay lit!


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